Fıelds of Actıvıty


Flat Paint Group - With its refurbished and jet dyeing machinery and scarf dyeing and printing and with a capacity of six plain dyed fabric production; it is a locomotive in our fabric production.
At flat paint machine park; with renovations we made our 1/12 the rates of flote to 1/5and reduced our amount of water used in productionton down to 50%.

Printing Group - At our print pre-preparatory group we follow the fashion of the world and our experienced team with innovative design forms the basis of our group and with its cuisine of template extraction and automatic printing line print paint preparation, we support the creation of superior quality .

At AKBASLAR TEXTILE, we implement Rotation and Filmdruck printing techniques as well as paper and textile flock printing systems and we have managed to adapt to technological developments in the printing processes and production processes by including digital printing systems.

Finishing Group - AKBASLAR TEXTILE follow innovation at every stage of production and add value to its fabrics and to the finishing operations; dyeing & printing businesses. Special accessories are producedby our sanding machines and raising operations .

Testing Laboratory - All fabrics are tested and are in compliance with international test values and international standards .

R & D - AKBASLAR TEXTILE; in accordance with University of Uludag; has done R & D activities with emphasis on industrial co-operation for textile finishing plants and it was assisted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade Integration project for the carrying out the use of ozone. With the main objectives of energy efficiency; R & D activities between the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the permission for "Pump Systems to Enhance Efficiency" was given to AKBASLAR TEXTILE to perform on the VAP project.
AKBASLAR TEXTILE attended the following symposium and and poster presentations; in 2012 & 2013 in the scope of R & D Projects; "2.Chemicals and Chemical Products R & D Project Market ( Istanbul )," UTİB Turkey's Textile and Garment Sector V. Participation of International R&D Project Market ( Bursa, Turkey) 'Uludag University II. Information and R & D Days (Bursa, Turkey )," XXIII. IFATCC Congress ( Budapest , Hungary )," Aachen - Dresden 6th Internatioanl Textile Conference (Dresden, Germany)”.
R & D activities become the necessity of our age, a lot of R & D investments in the AKBASLAR TEXTILE follow this philosophy and aim to give direction to be an R & D Center .