Fıelds of Actıvıty


Forming part of the most important areas of activity at AKBAŞ Holding; Ges is works in the field of textile weaving, fabric manufacturing, R & D and R & D activities and supports the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction and prioritizing quality data with the help of high-tech machines .

The products of cotton, cotton spandex , linen, silk , viscose , nylon, nylonelastan , polyester, polyeterelastan , monofilament , micro, cif, GRS ity obtained by using yarns of constructed fabric have a wide range of fabric types. AKBAS Holding with its open and dynamic structure and constant innovations; undertakes the production of dye-printing and apparel group in every sense of the production of raw woven fabric .

ISO 9001 - 2000 quality certified Ges Textile; at every stage of the process to have process control to produce the final product with the best quality fabric production philosophy is accepted.