Fıelds of Actıvıty


Our garment enterprise, which closely follows the latest trends in the world of fashion design has the highest standards of quality, reasonable price, latest technology machinery,and combine high capacity with speed of production and has been working with industry-leading international companies .

Using the advantages of having a professional staff and an integrated facility, we provide our customers with short deadlines with a large collection of knitted and woven fabric; hence we become a preferred manufacturer is preferred . Since 2003, our ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System certified apparel enterprise combines industry-leading high capacity and offers faster production.

Along with our high quality and fast production of apparel; our enterprise also engage in innovative studies to be a world-famous brand of clothing; furthermore with pet bottles, we do the recovery of mechanical fractures to be converted to PES fiber in recycled fabric woven from yarns and we are one of the very few certified businesses capable of manufacturing sustainable fabrics.