Work Health and Safety

With a view to providing a healthy, peaceful and safe work environment to all employees, customers, suppliers and all other people that are affected from our operations AKBAŞ HOLDİNG hereby promises and guarantees to act as follows;

  • Developing an action plan in accordance with all relevant legislation governing Occupational Health and Safety, Good Manufacturing Standards that are currently in force and all local requirements in full awareness of our social responsibility to provide and maintain a safe work environment to protect all our stakeholders and their personal belongings,
  • Supervising, directing and monitoring all or employees to ensure that they perform their duties safely without engaging in activities that might impose risks on themselves or others,
  • Developing emergency action plans with a view to minimizing any impact on the health and bodily integrity of our employees in case of natural catastrophes and carrying out awareness raising activities to prepare our employees for emergencies,
  • Acting as a leader in the industry from designing stage to consumption to assist in activities related to Occupational Health and Safety and sharing our experience with all our stakeholders.