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Akbaşlar Textile has been manufacturing for global textile brands since 1962. Akbaşlar Textile Physics Laboratory is conscious of the importance of quality and standards and;

Renders service as a laboratory accredited by leading brands such as ARCADIA, MARKS & SPENCER, NEXT, DEBENHAMS, TESCO (F&F), H&M and LC WAIKIKI.
Our physics laboratory applies testing applications according to our customers’ requests and our accredited standards.

By means of advanced technology we utilize and power of technical personnel precise and reliable measurement and reporting can be conducted.



Methods Which We Are Accredited;

Shrink After Laundering Test: BS EN ISO ISO 6330-2012, H&M TM LA:03, ARCADIA AG 18, NEXT TM 12, M&S P1A.
Shrink After Steaming Test: BS 4323, ARCADIA AG 24, NEXT TM 15, M&S P8.
Appearance After Laundering Test: BS EN ISO 5077, BS EN ISO 3759, H&M TM LA:02, ARCADIA AG 22 AG 23, NEXT TM 9, M&S P5A P99A, DEBENHAMS PD 37.
Rotation After Laundering Test: BS EN ISO 16322-2, H&M TM LA:04, ARCADIA AG 20, NEXT TM 13, M&S P1B, DEBENHAMS PD 1c.
Seam Slippage Test: BS EN ISO 13936-1/2, ARCADIA AG 36 AG 38, NEXT TM 16, M&S P12/12-A.
Seam Rupture Test: BS EN ISO 13935-2.
Rupture Test: BS EN ISO 13934-2, M&S P 11.
Tearing Test: BS EN ISO 13937-1/2, ARCADIA AG 40, NEXT TM 17, M&S P 29.
Stretch – Regression and Permanent Elongation Test BS EN ISO 14704-1, ARCADIA AG 29 AG 31, NEXT TM21, M&S P14 P 15 PART 1, P15A.
Pilling Test: BS EN ISO 12945-1/2, ARCADIA AG 26, NEXT TM 19, M&S P18 A.
Abrasion Test: BS EN ISO 12947-2, ARCADIA AG 32, NEXT TM 18, M&S P19.
Rubbing Fastness Test: BS EN ISO 105 X 12, ARCADIA AG 3, NEXT TM 6, M&S C 8.
Washing Fastness Test: BS EN ISO 105 C 06, H&M TM CF :03, ARCADIA AG 1, NEXT TM 2/2a, M&S C4 A.
Water Fastness Test: BS EN ISO 105 E 01, ARCADIA AG 2, NEXT TM 4/4a, M&S C 6.
Perspiration Fastness Test: BS EN ISO 105 E 04, ARCADIA AG 4, M&S C 7.
Yellowing Fastness Test: M&S P 20.
Bleaching Test: M&S C 10 A.
pH Test: BS EN ISO 3071, NEXT TM 33, H&M METHOD.

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ISO 50001
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