About us

Mıssıon & Vısıon

We are a company in the fabric sector with principle to produce qualified,innovative products by following technology closely while meeting customers expectations in the fastest way which considers importance to the satisfaction of other stakeholders .

Becoming a leader firm of the World fabric sector which dominates fashion by its experience and creativity.


  • Reliability - We act unbiased and transparent and take responsibility of our actions.
  • Experience - We take right decisions and provide added value for society by our knowledge.
  • Quality - We combine our experience with right resources and always work for the best.
  • Customer Focus - We aim to meet current and change driven future expectations of our customers and exceed them.
  • Making Difference - We encourage all ideas which can create added value and work for what cannot be done.
  • Open for Innovation - We do not settle with current situation, we use information from a new one and aim dynamic development from an innovative perspective.
  • Being Fair - We respect justice with all our stakeholders
  • Respect for Environment and People - We aim to behave sensitively and unselfishly to our employees, society and all our stakeholders through a environment-friendly production approach.