Informatıon Securıty Polıcy

With the implementation of this policy, AKBAŞLAR Textile Energy Industry and Trade Inc. Senior Staff aims and declares to fulfill basic principles below which are required in order to provide continuity and sustainability, through Information Security Management System, protection of information assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility which will be established as one of the requirements of continuation and development of sustainable competition power while performing the vision to be the directing the fashion, leading company in the world fabric sector.

  • Providing the necessary participation and support related to compliance with the standard requirements and needs of the Information Security Management System,
  • Providing to work in coordination with requirements set out by the laws of Republic of Turkey, regulations, circulars, customer contracts and legal regulations required by business,
  • Providing the necessary support for measures against unauthorized use, disclosure and damage of all information assets within the scope,
  • Providing the necessary support and contribution to the work to be done regarding the reduction of the identified risks to acceptable levels by evaluating the risks on the information assets,

  • Providing the necessary support to the planning of the awareness programs which will promote the awareness of the information security of the employees and contribute to the functioning of the system and providing regularly to the employees of suppliers when they are concerned,
  • Providing the necessary support for the work to be done in order to detect, notify, close and repeat all actual or suspected violations of information security events,
  • By ensuring business continuity, providing required support and contribution in order to realize continuous access to information at planned levels,
  • Providing the necessary resources to be determined for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Information Security Management System,
  • By integrating the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System into our company’s business processes, it will be tried to take into consideration information security requirements at every stage.

    In the name of
    AKBAŞLAR Textile Energy Industry and Trade Inc. Board of Directives

    Erhan AKBAŞ