Envıronmental Polıcy

AKBAŞ HOLDİNG considers the environment as its most precious treasure and strongly believes that the environjment must be preserved in the best way to leave a high quality of life to next generations as our most valuable legacy. Therefore, with strict commitment to national and regional laws and regulations as well as requests by our customers with respect to preservation of the environment, we hereby promise and guarantee to;

  • Identify the impact of our products on the environment in advance during the development stage of our products and processes and to minimize the waste, and to prevent pollution at its source to minimize adverse impact on the environment,
  • Organize training and awareness raising activities for all our employees, subcontractors and suppliers with a view to increasing environmental awareness,
  • Propagate our principles for preservation of the environment to all our suppliers, customers, immediate vicinity, country and the entire world,

  • Strongly believing that profusion today will lead to famine tomorrow, to prevent unnecessary consumption in the use of raw materials and natural resources and to take preventive measures every year,
  • Plan and take measures to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment by identifying environmental risks that might arise in cases of emergency during our operations,
  • Use recyclable products with a view to minimizing wastes and their impact on the environment and to encourage all our stakeholders to do the same,
  • Ensure that AKBAŞ HOLDİNG participates actively in and collaborates with all kinds of initiatives for preservation and protetion of the world.AKBAŞ HOLDİNG invests in the future to honor our commitments to the environment.We ensure that wastes are collected separetely at their source for recycling through waste stations that are installed in our premises with a view to reducing the work load.AKBAŞ HOLDİNG contributes to aforestation activities, especially in areas with soil problems, and pay particular attebntion to planting trees that will benefit the local people.We regularly replace and renew our machinery and equipment that are used in the manufacturing processes at our plants with a view to saving energy and water and integrate environmentally friendly technologies to our manufacturing processes.We take into consideration the impact of chemicals & auxiliary chemicals on the air and water, their biodegradability and the COD value of waste process water when choosing such products for use in our plants.The OEKO-TEX Standart 100 certificate held by our company proves that our manufacturing processes respect the public and the environment.We alwys prefer renewable energy sources when planning to make new investments in power generation. We reset oıur carbon footprint by generating clean energy.