Energy Polıcy

Our energy policy covers all activities that directly or indirectly affect the manufacturing activities carried out at Yarn, Weaving, Kmitting, Dyeing/Printing and Garment production facilities operating under Akbaşlar Tekstil. AKBAŞ HOLDING’s energy policy covering all processes and aiming at ensuring sustainability of natural resources is as follows;

  • Complying with the energy legislation curently in force in the Republic of Turkey governing our operations and all other requirements that we are obliged to fulfilll,
  • Endeavouring to follow state of the art technologies aiming at increasing energy efficiency and to make continuous improvement,
  • Utilizing alternative and renewable energy resources and making efficient use of energy and natural resources,
  • Raising awareness of and encouraging our employees, suppliers and stakeholders on energy efficiency,

  • Conducting studies to reduce power consumption on a continuous basis and providing all kinds of necessary information and resources,
  • Ensure traceability by carrying our energy measurement, assessment and reporting activities accurately,
  • Main objectives and targets in line with our commitment;

    • Checking current power consumption status through measuring, data collecting and organizing methods and planning actions for improvement on a continuous basis,
    • Ensuring to choose energy efficient products when making new investments and procuring new machinery, equipment and tools,
    • Communicating with customers, suppliers and stakeholders effectively on issues related to energy efficiency with a view to achieving helpful results,
    • Carrying out activities to increase the use of renewable energy resources.