Socıal Responsıbılıty Polıcy

At TEXTILE AKBASLAR we as all stakeholders contribute to the social, environmental and economic issues in order to support;

Elimination of Child Labour : not to allow child labor and support the principles and procedures to comply with child labor ,

Elimination of forced or compulsory labor : not to make our employees work under any pressure and or debt, to employ all the employees in positions to comply with their consent, under equal conditions ,

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety : All of our employees are to comply with the legal requirements for occupational health and safety, we take any preventive measures to prevent work-related accidents, we meet the basic needs of our employees and offer hygienic working environment with adequate facilities to provide every opportunity ,

Fees and Payments: tprivide he wages and social rights within the law for our employees ,

Discrimination: we take theskills of our employees as the basis of employment,we try not to discriminate people based on language, religion, race, gender, social class, pregnancy, marital status, and disability,

Harassment and Abuse Prevention : we try not to give corporate punishment to our employees, not to ill-treat and abuse, we try to treat employees with respect and dignity ,

Freedom of Representation: we respect the rights of represented employees ,

Prevention of Environmental Pollution: we apply eco-friendly policies and set standards for the protection of nature and train our employees to raise awareness on the issue of Environmental pollution prevention,

Compliance with laws and regulations: we guarantee to customers and business partners that we will comply in accordance with the regulations voluntarily to maintain quality management systems.